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Do you know your purpose in life?
And if you do, are you living it?

You have a good job and good colleagues, but something is still missing.
You know there has to be more to life than what you have.
You keep doing things for others, but still feel like you are not good enough.

You want to think more about your purpose, but you don´t have enough time
You want to follow your inner voice, but you don´t trust yourself.
You have searched on a spiritual path, but it hasn´t gotten you anywhere.

You know your purpose, but there are so many reasons, why you can´t start living it.
(you are afraid of what people might think, you have to do what your family needs you to do, 
you need to learn another degree, etc....just to name a few reasons)

There are so many fears holding you back from finding and living your purpose.

Does any of this sound familiar?

answer these questions and you will find out
where you stand on your journey to a purposeful life!

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take 10 minutes for your purpose
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