Do you know your purpose in life?
And if you do, are you living it?

You have a good job and good colleagues, but something is still missing.
You know there has to be more to life than what you have.
You keep doing things for others, but still feel like you are not good enough.

You want to think more about your purpose, but you don´t have enough time
You want to follow your inner voice, but you don´t trust yourself.
You have searched on a spiritual path, but it hasn´t gotten you anywhere.

You know your purpose, but there are so many reasons, why you can´t start living it.
(you are afraid of what people might think, you have to do what your family needs you to do,
you need to learn another degree, etc....just to name a few reasons)

There are so many fears holding you back from finding and living your purpose.

Does any of this sound familiar?

answer these questions and you will find out
where you stand on your journey to a purposeful life!

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About Me.

living spiritual greatness
following my nomadic heart
inspiring others to live their spiritual greatness
with purpose and meaning

my bio will be coming soon

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They Say

Astrid Nutz, Germany

I met Mei in 2016, when we both did join a seminar with a hawaiian background. From the first moment I was touched by her big open heart. While traveling around the world she built up her international business to help so many people to find their own way of healing and growing. While fixing separate healing tools together, she created her own style . I highly recommend Mei’s heart opening work. Just try it!


I was afraid that I would never overcome my past relationship. I was kind of obsessed and had feeling of guilt because how this relationship went to an end. I tried writing for myself about it and try to forget everything this way. I talked to Mei about it and she told me that she could help me. So I did not hesitate at all to begin the Lomi Lomi with her. It was one of the most relaxing and liberating experiences I have ever had! I overcame my fears and feeling of guilt about my past. My life changed a lot ever since. The treatment with Mei made me realize that we are able to become a better person and leave the past where it belongs: in the past. We spent around 4 hours together, starting with a personal conversation about why I had decided to come to here. After picking an Aloha card randomly, we started to sing to the ancestors. This was key since these are who helped me to loose the weight of my past. After this, Mei started to massage me in order to eliminate the bad energies. If you want to know more, make an appointment with her. She is amazing and I am sure she will help you!

Kim Jasmin Stelling

Mei when I first met you, you had a special depth I couldn't find words for. Than I did my first coaching with you and I was amazed by the way you worked with me, your deep understanding, your connection, the way you listen and your guidance to my authentic inner strength. You guided me to find my inner voice and power. I can highly recommend Mei to everyone who is ready for a change or wants to take the next step.
Mei Wengel combines in her work and being different spiritual approaches without being rigid or telling you what to do. She offers you the space and guidance to find your own while she puts out lovely the call when we need to and at the same lifts you when there seems no bottom. A beautiful universal and very holistic work she is doing

Christina Schweiger

Mei leads you in a wonderful way to your destiny and your power to create and determine your own life. With Hawaiian philosophy, she got me started at the beginning of my journey to get to the bottom of my fears and old beliefs and to resolve them. I can only recommend everyone to embark on a journey of personal change, guided by her empathetic company.

Gabrielle Orr

Mei is a very special and genuine soul and successfully inspires others with her meaningful congresses as well as her authenticity in life over all. I am certain that your soul will be retouched by her work as well.

Anita Agnes Aumer

I highly value Mei Wengel and her work. She is a great teacher in all aspects of the Polynesian philosophy, putting all her heart and soul into it. She guided me through life on multiple occasions with humor and her profound knowledge, supporting me in a wonderful way. I am very thankful and happy that I she is a part of my life.

Vivian Scharner

I met Mei for the first time in one of her online summits. For me she was the embodiment of authenticity and naturalness. This was clearly confirmed when we first got to know each other in real live. Since then she has become a loving and understanding coach to me. Her impulses help me to always realign and adjust myself when I get off track. I used to not know how to get out of that spiral that I was often in. Now it is very easy to get back in my center.

Barbara Glasemann - Ahnin der Zukunft

Working with Mei was and is very easy for me, Mei was able to make my greatest doubts visible to me by listening carefully and I realized that it was just a web of my thoughts. It was my parents' adopted beliefs that were anchored into my thoughts.
I always dealt with things by myself because my people in my surroundings didn't understand. So I often got stuck. With Mei I was on one level so I could totally let go of everything that tortured me.
The little things have become more and more important for me and I found my inner peace. I was able to find my third life's purpose a few years ago, I am a coach for generational conflicts, and thanks to Mei I show it.

Susanne Ertle -  Selbstverwirklichungs-Mentorin

I have been able to work with Mei at several congresses and I greatly appreciate her open, honest and emotional listening. She has the talent to ask special, deep questions and get the best out of the person she talks to. You can celebrate with her, laugh but you can also show your vulnerable side. Thank you for your wonderful being.

Dani B.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your enriching coaching !!
You are with me at a time in my life when I am about to break out of old, hardened patterns and want to build a new life for myself.
With your clarity you help me to look at things as they are and give me the necessary tools to break out of the recurring dramas and fears.
With your techniques, it is possible for me to dissolve old beliefs and blocks of thought in order to bring more ease and confidence in my current life situation. In the current situation this is not so easy for me and I am very grateful to you for it! With your support I can overcome one hurdle after the other or stop looking at it as a hurdle. I am aware that without your help it would take much longer, if not years ...
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I can recommend you and your work to anyone who wants support in their personal and / or professional change.

Kerstin B.

Before I met Mei online, I wasn't feeling well at all. I had little trust and was very often desperate. The fear of showing myself depressed me every day. I was overwhelmed with strong loneliness and fear of loss over and over again.
So I tried to get help on the Internet, but I quickly felt overwhelmed and my sleep disorders didn't make it any easier.
One day I received an email where Mei also presented her meditations. So I tried some of these beautiful heart meditations, but also shamanic journeys, and I was very touched by her authentic and trusting being.
Through these journeys, I slowly got more ground. Of course I was still very insecure, I was terrified to speak to groups, but I decided to register to her online circle.
Here I learned belonging and to be accepted.
Today I sometimes don't recognize myself ;-))) I learned so much from talking to Mei and in the group. Today the fears are no longer so powerful, I sleep much better and have come much closer to myself.
And also the little things ... For example, feedback, sympathy or a smile from the group always touches me very much.
The confidence I have gained and freedom ... I can be what I am .... It gives me meaning in life again and I am happy to be able to continue growing together with Mei and the group.

Kirsten L.

I was on a downward spiral that started in Jan 2018. First I doubted whether I am was right where I was, no longer wanted to give trainings, doubted whether I was doing it so well at all, I was also unable to remember my programs. Then there was one physical problem after another and I went to the doctor every month for something different. In the summer I participated in a nutritional course according to traditional Chinese medicine in the hope of improvement ... unfortunately, nothing, just more frustration because it did not make me happy, I could not find any positive change, it felt more like a decrease. I was frustrated that I was becoming sluggish and unmotivated ...
The decision to work with Mei was made in seconds, intuitively after an online summit. I liked the idea of meeting in her group with like-minded people and a transform together.
The work with Mei aroused my curiosity again and I turned to old and new interests again. The flow came back
The greatest realization is that things always go up. What has changed is that I reflect more and have found that what I do and where I am is exactly right, because no matter how many corners I turned, I always came right back here. I trust more again.
What I like best is the exchange in the group and working with Mei in one on ones.

Gloria H.

Before meeting Mei I was nervous, psychologically and physically …. Somehow my accident was my turning point last year!
I always took the time (because of the accident I had plenty of it anyway) to watch the recordings of the coachings.
And although meditation is not easy for me, my "journeys" have changed me!
I'm taking more time out!
I am able to be more mindful with myself.
I decided on working with Mei so that I could find more space for myself. Get support in finding my inner peace.
Working with Mei has always made me calm. Even though my thoughts and feelings somersaulted sometimes, I took the time to have Mei guide me on “journeys” that helped me envision my future and turn my hobby into a profession of offering herbal walks through nature, and I now have inquiries and clients. I love the group coachings, being able to talk to other like-minded people. It's been a great space to be myself, talk freely about my topics and made me more secure.

Gabi B.

Mei is with me at a time in my life when I am about to break out of old, hardened patterns and want to build a new life for myself.
With her clarity, she helped me to look at things as they are and give me the necessary tools to break out of the recurring dramas and fears.
With her techniques it is possible for me to dissolve old beliefs and resistances of thought in order to bring more ease and confidence in my current life situation. In the current situation this is not so easy for me and I am very grateful to Mei for it! With her support, I can overcome one hurdle after the other or stop seeing it as a challenge. I am aware that without her help it would take much longer, if not years …

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